Care for Acrylic Products

You've Just Received Your Order - Now What?

We strongly encourage to leave your masking on until you're ready to craft with your products! Doing so will ensure that your acrylic stays clean and free of debris, dust or scratches.

Our acrylic (clear) is always shipped with a masking, either a frosted type mask or a brown kraft paper masking. This ensures your acrylic's arrive in excellent condition and without scratches in transit. Our Mirrors will have a clear masking on ONE side, the back will arrive either Silver or White - please do not pick at that, as it's the mirror coating. Attempting to remove this will result in damaging the mirror and we will not be held liable should the mirror be damaged after delivery. 

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Acrylic is incredibly durable, but is highly susceptible to scratching if not cared for properly! This is why we encourage that your craft blanks remain masked until it's time to use! Please see the chart below to find the best supplies for cleaning:

What you CAN use:  What you CANNOT use:
  • Dry Clothing
  • Acetone
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Window Cleaner (Windex)