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A Daughter. A Wife. A Mother of Three. A Business Owner.

With the amazing support of my Husband and parents, we are first and foremost a family business. From designing shapes, to hand picking your orders, lots of determination, love and years of experience has gone into your order - no matter how big or small!

We thank you!



Picture this: It's 2017 and Gina received her Cricut machine for her birthday from her husband. Like anyone new to Crafting, while doing research on reliable Canadian Suppliers of Acrylic Blanks - there was no source. Buying from The USA (or Amazon) was really the only option, which lead to low profits for crafters!

This is where WE come in!
Buying from us saves the hassle of the exchange rate, and the guessing game of whether or not you’ll get charged for duties/taxes at the border. We’re happy to eliminate those concerns for you, while also providing you with a digital file!

All orders are fufilled in Bolton, ON, with pick up available at our Bolton warehouse, as well as a convienent Simcoe County location in Innisfil, ON, which is 15 minutes south of Barrie, ON!

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Operating since 2019, we're the leading Acrylic Shape Supplier in Canada. We combine the latest equipment, creativity and experience to provide customers with quality products that your business and customers will cherish for a lifetime!

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Sustainable Packaging

In an effort to reduce waste, we use 100% reusable materials whenever we can - We also encourage you to do your part and reuse when possible!

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Canadian Sourced

We strongly believe in providing your business and clients with the best products possible and only purchase our Acrylic's through Canadian Manufacturers. No imports for us!

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Quality + Sustainability

It goes without saying, but we stand by our quality and price our products accordingly. We are Canada's 1st Acrylic Shape Supplier and have been perfecting our Craft since 2019! We strongly believe in bettering our planet and recycle all unusable Acrylic - it's melted down and reused again!

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